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This Division processes parole applications and conducts extensive research on the applicant’s prison records and social background necessary for determining parole eligibility. It conducts surveillance of the parolees regularly and meets with them for counseling on a scheduled basis. This Division provides logistical and administrative support to the Guam Parole Board.


  • 1952 – First Parole Law enacted (Supervision of Parolees was under the purview of Probation Officers of Island Court)
  • 1968 – Dept. of Corrections was established
  • March 12, 1969 – Executive Order 69-3 allowed Parolee Supervision to be transferred to Dept. of Corrections under the Diagnostic and Treatment Services Division.
  • 1975 – Parole Services Division was established.
  • 1978 – Parole Laws revised to 2/3 Parole eligibility date. The Criminal Codes changed to Guam Code Annotated (GCA).
  • December 12, 1995 – Materne vs. People of Guam. 9th Circuit ruling: “All inmates will serve Parole upon their “Full-Time Release.””
  • October 1,1998 – Parole laws amended First offender non-violent/drug offenders to serve 50% or 1/2 of sentence. Violent crimes to serve 85% of sentence. All other offenders to serve 66.6% or 2/3 of sentence.

Our Mission

Public protection from the criminal elements of conditional release adult offenders on the island of Guam.


  • Number of On-Island Parolees on Supervision: 314
  • Number of Off-Island on Caseload: 45

Our Job

  • Supportive social work treatment of conditional release offenders.
  • Reintegration assistance.
  • Monitoring for compliance of parole conditions and evaluation of behavioral patterns.
  • Determination of continued parole or re-commitment. *Investigate, evaluate, and present pre-parole, pardon, and commutation cases to the Guam Parole Board.

Five Sub-Programs We Create

  • PreParole – To identify parole eligibility of inmates.
  • Parolee Supervision – To provide supportive casework and law enforcement services enhancing Parolee’s re-integration with his/her community.
  • Surveillance – To identify potential parolee problems and increase services where necessary.
  • Public Relations – To maintain support and a positive public image within the community.

Community Service Projects

  • Various Mayor’s Offices
  • Guam DOE
  • Guam EPA
  • Department of Labor
  • Veteran’s Cemetery

Conditions of Parole

  • Reside in approved residence/address.
  • Commit no crimes.
  • Change address only when authorized.
  • Report monthly to Parole Officer
  • Maintain steady and approved employment.
  • Refrain from association with individuals known to commit crimes and individuals who have been convicted of a crime.
  • No firearms.
  • Reside in a treatment facility directed by the Parole Board.
  • Submit to available medical or psychiatric treatment as directed.
  • Pay all fines imposed by the courts.

Special Conditions

  • Observe curfew from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • No driving unless authorized.
  • Inform Parole Officer if questioned by law enforcement officers.
  • Communicate with Parole Board if Advisor or Parole Officer is unavailable.
  • Do not purchase, possess, use or consume alcohol or drugs; nor frequent places where they are sold, used or given away.
  • Submit to drug and alcohol tests.
  • Follow all oral and written instructions.
  • Submit to all searches
  • No co-habitation.
  • Abide by all conditions stipulated in judgment.
  • Perform community service as instructed.
  • All others as necessary.

How to Report Parole Violators?

  • If it is an emergency, immediately call 911
  • Call the Parole Services at 735-4133 between the hours of 8:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m.
  • Call Adult Correctional Facility at 734-3981/9.
  • Give detailed information of the incident.
  • Remember, all information is kept confidential.

What Happens?

  • Officers are dispatched.
  • Parolee/Victim are questioned.
  • An assessment will be made (arrest or mediate).
  • If an arrest is made, the parolee will be presented for revocation within sixty days.

For More Information?
The Parole Services is a division of the Department of Corrections. We welcome the opportunity to cooperate and collaborate with the public to provide information on available services. If you wish to provide input or would like to know more about the Parole Services Division, call or visit the office.

Guam Code Annotated


Current through P.L. 26-152

§ 85.10 Territorial Parole Board Created.

There is in the Executive branch of the government of Guam a Territorial Parole Board hereinafter referred to as the Board, consisting of five (5) members appointed by the Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislature. Only persons who by their knowledge and experience are prepared to perform efficiently the duties of the Board as hereinafter provided shall be eligible to such appointment

§85.14. Chairman Appointed: Meetings at Least Monthly. The Governor shall appoint one (1) of the member of the Board as chairman. The Board shall meet regularly at least once a month. Special meetings may be called by the chairman.

§85.18. Term Established. The terms of office for the members shall be four (4) years, and until their successors are appointed and have qualified. A vacancy occurring before the expiration of the term office shall be filled for the un-expired portion thereof.

§85.26 Board: General Powers.

The Board is authorized to release on parole any person confined in any penal or correctional institution of this Territory and to revoke parole or discharge from parole any parolee as provided in Article 5 (commencing with § 80.70) of Chapter 80. The Board may adopt such rules and procedures not inconsistent with law as it may deem proper or necessary to carry out its duties.


Guam Parole Board Hearings are regularly conducted on the last Thursday of each month.

GPB_Hearing_Agenda MAY 25, 2021

Public Notice for Guam Parole Board May 25, 2021 Hearing


Parole Services Division Staff

Michael P. Quinata, Chief Parole Officer


Office Telephone # 671-735-0323


Ronald SN. Santos, Parole Officer III


Office Telephone # 671-735-4134


Lisa M.T. Tainatongo, Parole Officer III


Office Telephone # 671-735-0325


Dean J. Taitague, Parole Officer III


Office Telephone # 671-735-0326


Mark A. Fleming, Parole Officer II


Office Telephone # 671-735-4132


Michael F. Rozborski, Parole Officer II


Office Telephone # 671-735-4133


Karla S. Cepeda, Parole Officer I 


Office Telephone # 671-735-4132


Annie M. Mendiola, Parole Officer I 


Office Telephone # 671-735-4133


Guam Parole Board Members

Stephen J. Guerrero, Chairman

Lina N.B. McDaniel, Member

June G. Borja, Member 

Parole Board Email: 

Street Address
#203, Aspinall Avenue Hagatna Guam
Contact No.: (671) 735-4132/3/4 or
Fax No.: (671) 734-4051

Parole Hearing Location: #203 Aspinall Avenue 

Scheduled Monthly Parole Hearing Date: Last Thursday of every month

Mailing Address

P. O. Box 3236
Hagatna, GU 96932