As a result of the government’s ongoing efforts to address COVID-19, the Department of Corrections is implementing the following security measures in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 because the population density of prisons creates a risk of infection and transmission for inmates and staff. These measures are also being put in place to ensure the continued effective operations of the department and to ensure that staff remains healthy and available for duty. Click on the link below to read DOC’s COVID-19 Policy.


Adult Correctional Facility (ACF)


ACF Visitation and Incoming Schedule for December 2023


November Visitation Schedule 2023


Thanksgiving Holiday Memo 2023


ACF Visitation & Incoming Schedule for October 2023


ACF Updated Initial Incoming 2023


Master Authorized Incoming List – UPDATED 20230301 FNS


DOC Special Order FY20-021 Cononavirus (COVID-19) Policy


Hagatna Detention Facility (HDF)


Hagatna Detention Facility_Initial Incoming List


Hagatna Detention Facility_Regular Incoming List


Hagatna Detention Facility_Visitation and Incoming Schedule for December 2023


Hagatna Detention Facility _NOVEMBER Schedule 2023





Visitor Dress Code 2017


DOC General Order 06-007 Victim Notification