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General Provisions: While visiting is a privilege, inmates and detainees are encouraged to maintain close contact with family members and those who can assist in rehabilitation. General Controls and Limitations: Each facility shall implement established policies and procedures to administer visitation. Size, mission, location, and other variables shall dictate the limitations and controls necessary in each facility. Admission and Control: Only those persons who have made a formal application and have been approved by the Prison Security Administrator (Warden) shall have their names placed on the visiting list. All persons eligible to visit with a prisoner shall complete all documents required for admission into the facility.  Contact and non-contact visits are to be conducted in designated areas under the supervision of Corrections employees to maintain good order. The Director may determine the degree of supervision required. At no time shall visitors be allowed to deliver and/or receive any letter or article to/from a prisoner not approved by the Director.  The number of visitors to a prisoner may be limited to prevent overcrowding in the visiting room. However, such limitations should be interpreted flexibly and subject to exceptions.


Adult Correctional Facility (ACF)

2024 June Visitation & Incoming Schedule 




2024 April Visitation Schedule


Easter Meal 2024 Memo


2024 Easter Gathering Memo Post 24&9


ACF March 2024 Visitation Schedule


ACF Updated Initial Incoming 2023


Master Authorized Incoming List – UPDATED 20230301 FNS


Hagåtña Detention Facility (HDF)  


Hagatna Detention Facility_Visitation and Incoming Schedule for JUNE 2024


Hagatna Detention Facility_Visitation and Incoming Schedule for MAY 2024


Hagåtña Detention Facility Initial Incoming List


Hagåtña Detention Facility_Regular Incoming List 



Department of Corrections Prisoner Handbook 2024


Visitor Dress Code 2017


DOC General Order 06-007 Victim Notification